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  • 08/09/2021 1 Comment
    Courage of an Olympian

    I LOVE Olympic season! Typically, I am not a huge sports enthusiast but watching the Olympics always manages to capture my attention for the two weeks every couple of years. I can’t help but excited to root for team USA and to see all the camaraderie between the athletes and teams. This past week with the news of Simone Biles dropping out to look after her own mental health, in my opinion, is greater than any of the events or ceremonies that will be seen during this season of Olympics.

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  • 07/08/2021 - tranquilitymassage 0 Comments
    Simple Pleasures

    I remember when I was younger, one of the things that I used to love to do was lay out in the grass and make pictures out of the cloud formations during the day or count the stars at night.  I was even given a star named after me, for a birthday gift one year.  Then, as I got older, these types of things went to the back burner as life and responsibilities began to take precedence and soon, I forgot all about looking up.

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  • 06/20/2021 - tranquilitymassage 0 Comments
    June is a month of celebration for Bodhi Massage & Wellness

    June is a month of celebration for Bodhi Massage & Wellness, as of June 4, 2021, I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! 

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  • 03/17/2021 0 Comments
    They say that there are events that happen in your lifetime

    They say that there are events that happen in your lifetime that you will always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when the events occurred. My mom has always recalled the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in my lifetime, I remember the Challenger explosion and 9/11. Another time frame I can add to my list, and perhaps the first for the generation behind me is March 2020. There is no exact date, because for each municipality, city and state began their shutdown practice at a different time. But March 2020, is without a doubt, the beginning of the craziness of what our world has become.

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  • 07/10/2018 - tranquilitymassage 0 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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Bodhi Massage & Wellness · 125 Germania St.
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Bohdi Massage & Wellness is dedicated to providing therapeutic massage techniques to the residents of Potter County & Tioga County in PA.  Located in Galeton, PA, we have clients come to us from all over the area including the towns of Galeton, Westfield, Austin, Gaines, Wellsboro, Coudersport, Ulysses, Mansfield, Roulette, Germania, Shinglehouse and also from Addison, Stannards and Wellsville in Allegheny County, NY


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