Courage of an Olympian

I LOVE Olympic season! Typically, I am not a huge sports enthusiast but watching the Olympics always manages to capture my attention for the two weeks every couple of years. I can’t help but excited to root for team USA and to see all the camaraderie between the athletes and teams. This past week with the news of Simone Biles dropping out to look after her own mental health, in my opinion, is greater than any of the events or ceremonies that will be seen during this season of Olympics.

How many times have you reached a point in your life where you knew you just needed a break, but were afraid to take it because you didn’t want to appear “weak” or to feel as though you have “failed”? How many times have you reached a point where you needed help, but refused to ask for it out of pride? How many times have you listened to your body when it has told you to “STOP!”? These signals do not just come to athletes, it comes to us all. People who don’t give themselves a break and are constantly adding more to their plate, people who feel they constantly need to be there for others and refuse to take time out for themselves and people who feel that they need to work harder or strive further.

Too many times we fail to recognize or simply fail to acknowledge the hints that our bodies give us, which can lead to not just issues with our mental health, but also with our physical health. Our bodies give us hints when it is beginning to burn out, but many times we fail to acknowledge them. This can show up as headaches, insomnia, that weird pain in your shoulder, difficulty breathing, etc. Simone recognized those signals in her own body before she ended up physically hurting herself by pushing the limits or hindering her team with performances that she knew were not up to par.

To make this decision, took tremendous courage. So, let me ask you…do you have the courage to know when to stop? Do you recognize the signals your body sends you to know that enough is enough? Comment below and let me know of one time when you had the courage of an Olympian.


11/17/2021 by Jim Banks

Wow, this is an excellent article. I've never played organized sports, but I know the mental toughness athletes go through on a daily basis. Everybody has had that overwhelm feeling every now and then as they take on more and more responsibilities in life. It's extremely important to listen to your body and recoup every now and then. Everything works better when it is turned off and restarted! Good Read Jaimee!

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