Lessons Learned in Little League

Last month, my nephew and his Little League Team won their league championship with only one loss the entire season.  For most of this team, this was their final season as, next year, they move up into Junior High School.  One of the pros of living in a small town is that these kids have had the same coaching staff since their early days of T-ball.  These coaches have grown with their team, and they knew their kids.  They knew their strengths and weaknesses, their personalities, and their hearts.  Over the years, this team has seen more losses than wins and the one thing the coaches always told them is that “they don’t lose, they learn”. 

If teaching their players to learn from their mistakes, wasn’t enough. These coaches also instilled teamwork and respect within their team. They always told their players that they do not have to be best friends with one another, but they always needed to respect one another and carry each other when they are down, look out for one another and support one another. As a result, the bond the kids have on this team is impenetrable both on and off the field.

In a world where athletics can be focused more and more on the wins and losses, these coaches took the time out to teach their team not just lessons in baseball, but lessons that they can carry through life. Lessons on how to be caring, considerate, and confident individuals.

To watch the parents, tear up with pride as they made the realization that their kids are moving up to respectable young men and one young lady is heartwarming. As these kids continue to grow and be shaped by the world that is around them, these life lessons learned from Little League will always be a part of them.

The coaches of this team did all the things that a coach is supposed to do. They guided their kids, they taught them lessons, and they were there to support each individual player where they needed to be supported. However, the work was truly up to each of the kids to improve their game. My job as a coach is to do the same. I am not there to tell you what to do. I am there to help you find the best within yourself, to provide you with support, to share the lessons that I have learned, and to assist you in finding your own answers to be your own best person.

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